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Meet Our President

Marcel Bizaoui - President of ESR Inc. Mr. Bizaoui has been in the corporation since 1992 and is self made. The idea for this company was passed on by his father.

We consider ourselves to be problem solvers.

Most clients of ours have similar problems that always fall into the category of having an out-of-use electronic equipment and sometimes mountains of it. Companies sometimes have these in warehouses nationwide and sometimes in offices, closets and desk drawers.

ESR works toward solving e-waste problems by developing electronics recycling programs to fit the requirements of each one of our valued clients.

ESR, Inc. is certified ISO9001 by BSI (ISO9001:2000 registration data and certification number available). Certificates of Destruction (recycling) are always provided upon completion of the recycling process.

We completely recycle all types of electronics equipment and materials including:

  • Computers (mainframes, terminals, CPUs)
  • Monitors
  • Modems
  • Bridges and hubs
  • Printers
  • Fax machines
  • Copy machines
  • Telecommunications components
  • IT components
  • Cell sites and Cell phones
  • PC boards from various industries
  • Plastic and used ceramics
  • Reverse logistics
  • New and old components
  • And all other types of electronics materials.

ESR Electronics consistently does extended research and strict analysis of operations as required for continuous improvement of its Quality Management System, to ensure we maintain our leadership status, from beginning to end of the recycling process.

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