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We Keep You In Compliance

Disposal of electronic equipment, such as older computers, printers, copiers, fax machines, etc., is becoming a larger problem, every day. It is increasingly common that you may need to delegate resources to properly dispose of many types of older equipment. Most states have passed laws that prohibit the dumping of items, such as monitors, computers and printers, and are requiring these items be properly disposed of.

We Keep You Informed

It is important that you know what happens to your material from the time it leaves you, to the absolute end of the line. This is why we are so focused on employing specialized material tracking methods that include the photographing of equipment upon arrival, labeling, weighing, and inventory control. Loads can be handled separately, so they can be monitored throughout the total recycling process.

How It Works

We consider ourselves to be problem solvers and practice responsible recycling.

ESR Electronics can be your partner with asset recovery goods, scrap disposal and recycling, with an array of offerings that can be combined or customized for you.

ESR Electronics, Inc.’s ability to accurately assess your material is the key to successful asset recovery.

ESR Electronics is prepared to retrieve your material, requiring no transportation costs or logistics responsibility from you.

When your product reaches our facility, the product is separated, disassembled and categorized by material. Then, it is shredded (by material).

Upon the finalizing of our recycling/recovery process, we will issue a Certificate of Destruction (If requested) confirming the processes were executed.

ESR Electronics has developed a wide range of strategies and processes for dealing with materials placed in its stewardship. Not the least of these is absolute accountability that begins with lot identification, real time tracking and documentation through every step of every process. Your material, and only your material is treated separately, during any given phase of processing. This contributes to the accuracy of the samples, which are ultimately analyzed to determine value, true value that is assured by ESR Electronics’ reputation for integrity. In fact, we welcome onsite monitoring by your personnel.

The processing and sampling techniques utilized are dependent upon the material form and value. Other materials, such as plastic and glass are then separated for recycling. The remaining material is processed through several stages of reduction through shredding, to achieve a homogeneous mixture of a uniform particle size.

During the shredding or reduction processes, highly accurate samples are continuously drawn. This homogeneous sample is further processed to the point where samples for assaying are taken. From these assay samples, an accurate analysis can be performed, and values extrapolated, for the entire lot. In addition, the integrity of your material is enhanced through comprehensive security measures throughout the ESR Electronics facilities. These measures include perimeters protected by strong security fencing, around-the-clock security personnel, and state-of-the-art electronic surveillance and alarm systems.

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