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Our Facility

Our corporate compound is easily recognizable by it’s foreboding concrete walls, iron fence and heavy electronic gates. But while we do appear as a physically formidable plant, we’re extremely fussy about the aesthetics of our overall site and it’s impact on the neighborhood. By design, while ESR security needs are obtained, the facility is attractive.

E.S.R. provides 24 hour security in our office, laboratory and warehouses. We believe security is an integral part of the recycling process – not just an after thought strictly for show. ESR is extremely serious about protecting your materials and our process.

ESR Electronics’ analytical laboratory is fully equipped and staffed to provide the most efficient and accurate material analysis possible. Depending on the type of material, we use comparative and direct assays, fire assays, gravimetric analysis, instrumentation and wet chemistry to determine the precious and/or base metal content of your material sample.

The processing facilities that we utilize are located within the continental United States (corporate facility, Houston, Texas), where we can monitor how your material is being handled, as well as, for compliance of the facilities’ processes to state and federal regulations.

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