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Your Data Security

Security throughout the recycling process. Learn more about our facility.

We believe security is an integral part of the recycling process, not just an afterthought strictly for show. ESR Electronics is extremely serious about protecting your materials and our processes. Our corporate compound is easily recognizable, by its foreboding concrete walls, iron fencing, and electronic gates. But, while we may appear as a physically formidable plant, we’re extremely aware of the aesthetics of our overall site and its impact on the neighborhood. ESR Electronics utilizes form and function, by design.

Video surveillance along with alarm systems monitor both ESR’s compound and internal facilities. We understand the value of electronic materials and the required accountability.

Our entire facility is monitored by Department of Defense approved closed circuit video surveillance.

From the time your materials arrive, until the recycling process is concluded, every material movement is monitored and recorded. Security and related monitoring systems are upgraded as new deterrent and observation technology become available.

We understand our security responsibilities and the investment necessary yo maintain your peace of mind.

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